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Proper lighting starts with our light bars. These portable light bars allow you to run all your field operations with one set of lights.  They feature galvanized steel universal mounting brackets and a totally enclosed bar unit.  The ballast, starter, and wiring are all encased in the unit, so all you have to do is hook up the power and ground. Light can be directed precisely where you want it.

You can quickly transfer the entire lighting system from tractor to swather to combine in a matter of minutes. The portable light bar includes a 4 ft. galvanized steel bar, moveable mounting brackets and pedestals.  A 2 foot bar extension is available to accommodate cabs over 4 ft. wide. (Item #E-200; $54.00)

All light bars come prewired with a 40 amp circuit breaker and bar-mounted on/off switches, which can handle any combination of four lights.  It is a basic light package that will provide all the light you need to run your tillage, seeding, spraying, swathing and harvesting operations. The bars can be upgraded and lights added to suit your special requirements as they change.


4 ft Light Bar (complete w/electrical system & pedestals)
Item # B-400 $239.00

Extra pedestals available
Item # B-PED – $19.95/pedestal

4 ft. Light Bar, with 2 Long Range and 2 Flood LED Lights
Item # B-407 – $1115.00
Total amp draw – 18 amps

The most powerful LED lights on the market, the light quality and distance of these LEDs are sure to impress!

Features of individual lights include:

. 60 watt high intensity CREE LED power
. 6000 Lumens
. Waterproof rate: IP 68
.  5.4 amp draw at 12V; 2.5 amp draw at 24V
. Color Temperature: 6000K
. Tough die-cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens
. Stainless Steel mounting brackets
. 30000+ hours  working life and a 3 year warranty
. Certificates: CE/RoHs/IP68
. Click here to go to the LED Lights page


4 ft. Light Bar, with 30″ Spot/Flood Combo Bar and 2 Flood LED Lights
Item # B-408 – $1095.00
Total amp draw – 22 amps





The B-408 features the same LED flood lights as the B-407 Light Bar (above), but uses a 30″ Spot/Flood Combo bar instead of the LED spots.  The 30″ Combo bar offers great distance lighting with the added benefit of additional flood light.
Click here to go to the Spot/Flood Combo Bar page


4 ft. Light Bar, with 2 Long Range, 2 Driving and 2 Flood LED Lights
Item # B-406 – $1330.00
Total amp draw – 12.4 amps

These  LED work lights utilize the latest and most powerful LED technology to provide dependable and efficient working light that is crisp and white.  Their compact size allows for placement in almost any location and their low amp draw is a desirable feature where power to the light is a concern.

Each close range flood light illuminates an area 200 feet wide by 300 feet long while the long range spot will light an area 65 feet wide by 1000 feet long.  The B-406 bar features 6 individual lights to direct light were you need it most.

 Features of individual lights include:

  • Weather proof and operational to -40
  • 13 watt, 1300 Lumens  (Dually) and 34 watt, 3000 Lumens (Dually D2)
  • Cast aluminum housing
  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • 50,000+ hour rated units
  • Only 1.2 to 2.5 amp draw per light
  • 5 year warranty
  • Click here to go to the LED Lights page




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