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Compact Fluorescent “Long Life” Spiral Bulbs for
all your home and shop lighting needs


  • 8,000 – 10,000 hour life-span
  • Cold start -30°
  • Self-ballasted
  • 4100° K to 6500° K brilliance
  • Instant on, no flicker
  • 75% energy savings
  • 1 year in-store replacement warranty


All bulbs below list power wattage used with an equivalency to incandescent bulb light output. Example: the bulb listed below uses 9 watts of power but puts out light equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent bulb.

Regular/Standard Based Spiral Compact Fluorescent Bulbs:

Item # SP9$2.95                                      Item # SP13$3.95
9w=40w; 5000°K                                          13w=60; 6500°K

Item # SP19$4.49                                   Item # SP23$4.95
20w=75w; 6500°K                                       23w=100w; 6500°K

Covered 23w Spiral
Item # SP23C
23w=100w; 5000°K

Please Note:  It is recommended that fluorescent bulbs over 40 watts be left on for 18 -24 hours continuously for their first use.

Item # SP42$19.95
42w=150w; 5000°K

Item # SP65$39.95                             Item # SP105$49.95
65w=300w; 5000°K                                105w=450w; 5000°K

Are You Tired of Fixing Your 4ft. and 8 ft. Fluorescent Shop Lighting?

Our 65w Bulb has Equivalent Light Output to 300w and Lasts 10 000 Hours

A 4 ft. tube fluorescent fixture uses 120 watts of power and an 8 ft tube fluorescent fixture uses 180 watts of power. A 300 watt regular incandescent light bulb uses 300 watts of power.  Two 65w=300w bulbs in our Twin Socket Fixture (Item #R317) give you 600 watts of light and use 130 watts of power for almost twice the light.

Twin Socket Fixture:
Item # R317 – $6.95
* Can be wired into any standard electrical box
Twin Socket Fixture with two SP65 bulbs as shown at left: $86.85

Specialty Spiral Compact Fluorescent Bulbs:

Item #SP13D – $12.95                             Item #SP19D – $13.95
Dimmable 13w=60w; 4100°K               Dimmable 19w=75w; 4100°K

Item #SP14G – $9.95

    • Decorator globe-style bulb
    • Standard base
    • 14w=60w; 4100°K



Item #SP15/R30 – $11.95

    • Flush mount bulb
    • Standard base
    • 15w=65w; 6500°K

Item #SP23/R40 – $12.95

    • Flush mount bulb
    • Standard base
    • 23w=120w; 6500°K


Replacement bulb for L-2004 Work Light
Item #L-766 – $26.95




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